Dependable Paint and Drywall, LLC is a locally owned company that has been doing work in the Gallatin Valley Since 1976. 
We are seeking unskilled and skilled labor. If you're looking to learn a trade and or for fair compensation for your years of service and knowledge, we have a place for you. Our goal is simple, we want to do the best work and need to hire the best people in order to be able to accomplish our goal. 

New hires will receive a sign-on bonus that is dependent on skill. Amount to be determined after an evaluation by management, and after a clear background screening.

Sign-on bonus amounts are as follows:
Apprentice- $250.00
Journeyman- $350.00

Our wage package is one of the most competitive in our trades and our schedule is set to help the employee get home. Our typical work week is Monday through Thursday from 6am to 4pm with a half hour paid lunch break with Fridays optional for those who want extra hours.

• Non-skilled labor starts at $16.00 per hour, with overtime available at time and a half 
○ Benefits include health insurance, vacation pay, and 401k
○ Estimated yearly salary is $33,280 
- Benefits = $16,000 per year 
- Equivalent yearly salary total = $49,280

• Skilled labor starts between $21.00 per hour and $30.00 depending on experience, with overtime available at time and a half. 
○ Benefits include, health insurance, Vacation pay, 401k, gym membership, vehicle reimbursements/ maintenance, company phone (for foreman), and performance bonuses
○ Estimated yearly salary for Apprentice level skilled laborer at $18.00 = $38,000 
- Benefits = $17,000
- Equivalent yearly salary total = $55,000

○ Estimated yearly salary for Skilled labor at $30.00 per hour = $62,400
- Benefits same as apprentice level at a higher % = (approx.)$21,000
- Equivalent yearly salary total = $83,400 

All estimated hours are based on a 2080 hour year. An employee at Dependable Paint can average over 2400 hours per year without trouble. 

Please submit your resume along with references to info@dependablepaint.com. If you are unable to supply a resume, you may come in to our office at 172 Timberline Drive, Bozeman to fill out an application.